RESTORATION faaliyetine ait görsel

An art from history to scratch and scratch to reality…

It is a practice of intervention to transfer the cultural products that have historical document value to the next generations. Even though restoration has been known as ‘fixing’ down the ages,  it is consistently being developed through consciousness of conservation and some principles being followed nowadays. The aim of the restoration is to protect the historical identity and documental value of the structure with the least interference. 

It is very important to restore and protect artifacts to conserve cultural property, which have aesthetic value, and to transfer them to the next generations which inherit from past to present in our country that has a rich cultural legacy.

In this context, as TAŞ İNŞAAT, in order to hand down the cultural properties that have historical artifact value to the next generations, we are reuniting you with antiques excitedly and showing our respect to the history together with our qualified technical team capable of fixing and providing necessary protections. Our aim is to hand down the historical artifacts and historic fabric to the next generations preserving their originality.


Documenting the present state of historical artifacts and transferring it onto paper on the basis of architectural methods.


In case present state of a historical artifact does not reflect  its original state, restorations it has been gone through should be investigated. Preparation of it depending on decisions taken as a result of such investigation.


Historical artifacts are restored with restoration project which is prepared following the building survey. Ability of Restoration Project, which is prepared by taking into consideration the past functions of the building and today’s conditions, to respond to the requirements and conditions of use without disturbing the original structure of the building.


Creation of details such as work flow, cost and time to the finest detail in all kinds of construction works.