OUR POLICIES sayfasına ait  görsel



  • Following all technological developments closely in construction sector and implementing the latest technology and innovations in construction sector in all activities,
  • Following all rules of Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, agreements, specifications, standards and regulations in all activities of construction design and production,
  • Evaluating and improving the quality consistently and always looking forward to do better, ï  Aiming for world standards in every phase and detail in terms of quality,
  • Training the employees consistently, increasing their sensitivity on quality and ensuring their participation to achieve the targeted quality,
  • Aiming for Modern Quality Values and sustainability relying on the support and productivity of our employees.


  • To prioritize scientific and technological developments, environmental protection awareness and human health in all our works and to exhibit responsible citizenship behavior in all our works.
  • To take all necessary measures to prevent or lessen any negative environmental effects that may arise from our operations.
  • To protect the environment by using natural resources in the most effective way.
  • To take applicable precautions to take care of environment and to prevent environmental pollution.
  • To give priority to the use of energy-friendly resources.
  • To comply with environmental law and administrative regulations and other environmental protection requirements related to our activities.
  • To protect values of the nature and to ensure sustainability of all our environmental policy.


  • To follow and comply with Occupational Health and Safety rules, regulations and instructions.
  • To improve Our Company’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System constantly.
  • To structure the working environment at minimum risk levels in terms of occupational diseases and occupational accidents.
  • To ensure occupational safety and to protect wellness of our employee.
  • To reach aim of “zero occupational accident” to eradicate the risks with participation of all employees.
  • To ensure employees use occupational health equipments provided for them and keep track of it.
  • To ensure that employees are aware of their individual Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities, to ensure their support and participation for the implementation of security measures and to improve activities concerning occupational health and safety consistently.
  • To create healty working environments by keeping the environment clean and tidy.




To be a favored company where corporate HR management mentality is adopted in the construction sector and with happy and productive employees.


To create and sustain a large community of employees who integrate their career goals with the future plans of the company, find a common ground with the company in terms of their ideals, create added value for the company with their practices.

With its meticulousness in personnel selection, TAŞ İNŞAAT formed its talented staff suitable for expanding structure of the community, supported them with continuous training in order to utilize human resources in the most effective and efficient way and realized that the investment made on people was the most powerful foundation of a company.

TO BE ONE OF US means employees …

• Being committed to the business and the institution,
• Being aware of that it will contribute to the future of the institution with its activities,
• Being researcher, devoted, disciplined,
• Being aware of its responsibility, having ethical and professional values,
• Being sensitive to the environment and human health,,
• Advanced sense of loyalty,
• Keeping personal and professional development at the forefront,
• Employees respecting and loving each other, maintaining the reputation of their institution, sharing their decisions and targets.

TAŞ İNŞAAT means employees approaching each other with respect and love, maintaining the reputation of the institution, sharing their decisions and goals and continuously evolving environment. We invite the candidates who develop their goals and competencies continuosly and do not hesitate to take responsibility and become a valuable part of TAŞ İNŞAAT Family.